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All that

2011-05-23 08:50:29 by Vandal2

Look at this. Simple.

All that

Going easy

2011-01-28 21:40:03 by Vandal2

I'm taking it easy for a while, I might post here and there play a game or two, vote on a few thing etc.
But I'm gonna be pretty chill for quite some time.


2011-01-11 23:39:19 by Vandal2

Temporarily getting any info for games I haven't completed will post updates to this post.

Games I haven't finished; Medals to go/ Amount of points;
The Classroom 3 - 1/100
Alkie Kong 2 - 5/300
Trick Or Treat Adventure - 1/50
Stickya Adventurya - 1/100
Brawl Royale - 1/100
Doom Triple Pack - 9/320
Portal Defenders - 8/360
Thing-Thing Arena 3 - 1/25
Red Moon - 1/100
Sonny 2 - 5/275
Medieval Rampage - 1/100
D-Day Defender - 5/235
Drop The Bomb - 4/95
Vector Boom - 2/150
Epic War 3 - 10/460
Epic Battle Fantasy2 - 1/10
Knightfall 2 - 3/250
Dadgame - 8/375
Armored Ashura - 2/150
Time Fcuk - 3/175
Lastman - 3/205
William And Sly - 2/150
Bomb Diggity - 8/360
Enigmata - 5/280
Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup - 4/250
Pirate Gold Adventure - 1/100
Medieval Rampage 2 - 1/100


2011-01-05 14:15:03 by Vandal2

According to Cleverbot, it's a lie.



2010-12-22 09:11:26 by Vandal2

It's almost Christmas. Yep. Have a picture.



2010-12-13 01:12:32 by Vandal2

I don't usually dream, and if I do it's usually something to do with my fears of me drowning or falling into nothingness. But that's for another time.
Today I had a dream about a girl, this has only happened a couple times and it's been with a girl I'm going out with or one I'm really close with. (No wet dreams or anything stupid like that.

But this dream was different, firstly I'll tell you about the girl.
I've known her for two years, I had a crush on her at first but lost that due to the fact she's a bitch. The crush lasted a few months at most.
I see her all the time, I don't talk to her because I have no desire to. Honestly I don't want to talk to her because of the fact she's so mean.

The dream was set in school, and it appeared to be Valentines Day. It started off slow, me bumping into her and she smiled at me a couple times, I was confused by this but kept doing other things.
Then I remember the two of us talking, I'm not sure what it was but we were laughing and smiling, at the end of the conversation she said she loved me, I said "What?" and she said she was joking and ran away giggling.
The next part there were girls handing out balloons, there might have been significance in these balloons because a soon as they were given to whatever boy, they would walk off swooning each other. I was sitting on a desk next to a table in this part and some girls all came to talk to me, as if they were analyzing me to give me their balloon, a few left and then the girl (Main girl) came up and stood on the table the dropped her balloon and expected me to get, I got off of my seat, grabbed it and gave it to her, she said,
"No, you can keep it"
"Are you sure"
"Yeah, uumm no"
She then ran off and kept looking back at me. I then woke up.

The one thing that confuses me about this girl, is she clearly like me in the dream but in reality we don't like each other. I have no desire for her and I don't know why I dreamt about her.

Why are people unique?

2010-11-27 04:08:27 by Vandal2

Some things trouble me, I can't stop thinking about them and this worries me.
I think about everything and can't find answers, I try and ignore them and forget, but the question rests in my mind like a festering disease and just won't go.

I feel I need to share some of these things, to get them off of my chest.
Someone the other day said, "Why are people unique?" He quickly dismissed it, but I thought about it thoroughly. I am disregarding any type of twin.

When you think about other animals they all look the same, some might have different colours but the body structure, features and general look are the same; Giraffes, pigs, furrets, rats all look the same.
I then thought well dogs and cats don't look the same but I already knew why. Dogs (or cats) look the same when they are pure breeds, and there are many different kinds of pure breeds but they come from different types of the world.
But when you mix 2 pure breeds together you can get a huge amount of possibilities to what they produce. So then you might say to a friend, "Hey your dog/cat is so unique!" Only for the reason it is a mix of 2 (or more) different pure breeds.
(I would like to add that from future thinking I realize there are more than just cats and dogs. There are multiple breeds of horses, fish and birds.)

Now after establishing these thoughts, I felt I had to compare humans with other animals (Because when it comes down to it we are just another species of animal), there are still people that look different today, but we don't call them breeds, but races.
Was there, at some point in time a pure race of human? Was there a place with people that looked the same until a different race intervened?
Even when people discovered new islands with pre-inhabited people, they would just mix with their own, already mixed people.

I don't think of everyone looking like the same person, but they would have the same hair colour, bone structure, height or even weight. Plus mental and physical capabilities. Sure, there would be a few that didn't but the majority did.

What kind of mix are we today, that almost everyone you see is unique?

Why are people unique?

I'm just going...

2010-11-03 14:42:44 by Vandal2
Updated post this picture.
I need a filler, can't think of anything to say, so until then this post will be up.

I'm just going...

Grandmaster Flash

2010-02-16 21:43:40 by Vandal2

Coolest ad ever

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2010-01-21 12:01:53 by Vandal2

Vana has made this request of mine, and I'd like to say thanks it was nice and quick plus I love it!!
Make sure to check her out she is progressing as an artist so much! :D

Also it just occurred to me that Valentines Day is creeping up slowly.
-Another year single and lovin' it :P